Front view of cruelty-free vegan Perle choker
Side view of Naomi posing with the vegan Perle collar
Dara moving with the eco-conscious Meduse choker
Portrait of Miriam wearing the Perle choker
Fleur sitting with the Perle vegan leather choker by Baby turns Blue
Miriam featuring the oversized collar Perle
Close-up of Lou posing with the Perle choker made in France
Side view of the Perle vegan collar

Perle Choker

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With its oversized and contemporary pattern, the Perle choker gives posture to the neck in a graceful way, stressed by the triggering effect of the arch.
The Perle choker features an arch connector at the front and closes with a buckle at the back.

Lined on the inside with another layer of soft vegan leather, very comfortable to wear and gentle on the skin.

Front height: 50 mm
Buckle height: 20 mm
Made in Paris

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