Front view of Baby turns Blue adhesive for pasties

Pasties Adhesive

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The perfect skin-safe glue to hold your pasties in place, and one that cleans easily from your Apple Skin accessories.

Thanks to its acrylic-based composition, our adhesive offers a medical-grade alternative to other commonly used glues, which are notorious for causing allergies and skin rashes while providing poor adhesion.

With its cream texture, it is very easy to apply and dries extremely quickly. Each application requires very little product.
Pasties can be applied in less than two minutes, with perfect hold throughout the night.

100% skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, sweat-resistant, easy to remove and clean without solvents.
Take a small drop on a cotton swab. Apply a thin layer to the skin, and wait for it to become completely transparent.
Hold the pasties firmly for 10 seconds. You're done!

Gently pull a corner to remove after use. Clean with regular soap and warm water.

Ingredients: Water, Acrylic emulsion, Glycerin, Guar gum
Stir well before use and store at room temperature
Packaged in a beautiful black recyclable metal jar
Volume: 5 ml
Made in Paris

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