Emmy Double Harness
Emmy Double Harness
Emmy Double Harness
Emmy Double Harness

Emmy Double Harness

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Composed of double-tiered belts each structured upon two classic belts laid end to end, the Emmy double harness is an avant-garde accessory that looks like a futuristic bustier with its thin geometrical shapes and multiple fine hardware details.

Its two belts are jointed on the sides by riveted black lacquered metal tags engraved with the brand.

Despite its complexity, the purity of the Emmy double harness design makes it very easy to match with a wide variety of looks from casual to overly complex.
Both belts of the Emmy double harness close with buckles at the front and the back. Two loop buckles are discreetly engraved with "BABY" and the two others with "BLUE".

The shoulder straps are adjustable in height with buckles.

Lined on the inside with another layer of soft vegan leather, very comfortable to wear and gentle on the skin.

Belt height: 20 mm
Straps width: 10 mm
Metal tags height: 50 mm
Made in Paris

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