Front view of the Gum belt with four buckles
Florence wearing the Gum belt on a casual look
Florence showing the Gum belt
Noemie sitting with the Gum belt and Lola choker in a full red look
Close-up view of the Gum belt made in France
Close-up side view of the sustainable Gum belt
Close-up of Lola wearing the Gum belt
Noemie posing with the Gum belt and Mathilda choker

Gum Belt

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Powerful and timeless, the Gum belt is structured upon four buckles.

Over a silk shirt for an edgier look or to rekindle a simple double-breasted jacket, the Gum belt gives a sharp touch to any classic outfit.
The Gum belt closes with two buckles at the front and two at the back.

Lined on the inside with another layer of soft vegan leather, very comfortable to wear and gentle on the skin.

Belt height: 40 mm
Made in Paris

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