Candy Mini Set
Candy Mini Set
Candy Mini Set
Candy Mini Set

Candy Mini Set

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The Candy Mini set is composed of the Candy Mini harness, the Candy Mini thong, and its dedicated set connector.
The set connector can be disassembled to wear the harness and thong separately.

Inspired by the Bikini pop culture of the sexual revolution in 1960s America, the Candy Mini vegan set follows and highlights the natural shape of the breast and hips, with an indisputable touch of modernity.

The harness gracefully underlines the silhouette of the breast, while the thong embodies a classic high waist V-shaped look.

The set connector riveted tag and thong cord stoppers are made of black lacquered metal and are engraved with the brand.
The Candy Mini set is fully adjustable in height and width thanks to its cords and buckle mechanics.

Lined on the inside with another layer of soft vegan leather, very comfortable to wear and gentle on the skin.

Center harness height: 65 mm
Top thong width: 95 mm
Metal tag height: 50 mm
Metal cord stoppers diameter: 15 mm
Nitrile rubber cord diameter: 4 mm
Made in Paris

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