Jean Set
Jean Set
Jean Set
Jean Set

Jean Set

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Structured upon a classic belt in contrast with the nearly ostentatious overload of meticulous silver details, the Jean set mimics a dress with its connected should straps, massive belt, and double-tiered leg straps.

The elegance and technicality of the Jean set are ideal assets for spectacular day or night looks.
Perfect for structuring classic jeans and a white t-shirt or cultivating a futuristic full-body superheroine look.

All straps are detachable from each other thanks to their hooks, giving this unique piece a very wide range of look possibilities.

Comes with a beautiful complimentary keychain holding a riveted black lacquered metal tag engraved with the brand.
The belt of the Jean set features four arch connectors on the sides, and closes at the front with a single buckle.

The removable leg straps each feature a contoured arch connector and close at the back with a single buckle as well.

Lined on the inside with another layer of soft vegan leather, very comfortable to wear and gentle on the skin.

Belt height: 50 mm
Leg straps height: 20 mm
Shoulder Straps width: 15 to 30 mm
Metal tag height: 50 mm
Made in Paris

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